'Laura Please Come Home' 'Based On A True Story'

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Laura Rhodes was a beautiful, caring and sensitive 13 year old girl

who live in Cimla Neath - South Wales.

But Laura had a serious problem that sent her into a deep depression

she was incessantly bullied at the school that she attended.

Laura was over weight and everyday she was subjected to a barrage

of cruel comments about her weight and consistently subjected

to profane name calling and viscous untrue rumors.

Some students would intentionally trip her, throw things at her, knock her books

out of her hands, hit her and kick her as she walked down hallways.

Laura did not know how to cope with her pain so she was caught in a cycle 

of over eating to compensate and was eventually a size 24 at 13.

The bullying totally ended her self confidence, in her dairy

she wrote: that she was fat, ugly and worthless

and that she hated every moment of every day.

Laura also went online to try and find some friends to help her

cope with her problems and one day met a 14 year old girl

from Longbridge Birmingham England named Rebecca.

Laura and Rebecca became good friends and emailed and text

messaged each other every day, they visited each other

every weekend and even traveled together on a trip to Greece.

But Rebecca was also deeply suffering from depression 

and the two young girls formed a suicide pact.

On September 6th 2004. Laura and Rebecca both took

a large overdose of medication, Rebecca survived but sadly

Laura lost her life.

Laura was 13.

The Shaun Miller Foundation association with The Verdict Film Group Australia 

is extremely proud to bring you this very important true story

Motion Picture on Teenage Suicide awareness and Anti Bullying.

Executive Producer - Alan Finney O.A.M

Producer - Cameron Miller 

Director - Rhiannon Williams

Screen Play - Rhiannon Williams



Jamie Peyton Scott


Shaelyn Conner

Sienna Lillie 

Pippa Asome

Ella Callow Sussex

Kristen May 

Leanne Campbell

Olivia Poggi


Peter Flaherty

Cameron Miller


Brett Swain


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