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"We Help Mend Broken Heart's"

Patrick Elliget

Director at Mornington Peninsula

Blues Events Pty Ltd


PICS Courtesy of  -  Mark Moray (Wicked Rock Photography)  -  Sean Clohsey (Seandi Photography)

Entrepreneur, musician, MBAS award-winner, blues lover, and proactive Peninsula local are words that easily describe Mornington Peninsula Blues Festival creator and organiser, Patrick Elliget.

This dedicated blues man is the brainchild behind the highly successful and prestigious boutique event known as The Mornington Peninsula Blues Sessions, which has been held twice yearly at the Peninsula Community Theatre since 2015, and the 2019 inaugural Mornington Peninsula Blues Festival, which showcased the cream of Australian blues artists recently.

As a young boy growing up in a musical family and playing drums in their family jazz band,

it’s no surprise that it stimulated Patrick’s interest in attending as many blues and jazz festivals

in his later years and to eventually realise the dream of running his own.

His intense love of the genre has given many local and national punters delight with the highly successful shows and events he’s organised over the years.

“Once the blues gets into your soul, you’re hooked. It’s a little bit about the human struggles

we all have to go through. I love the complexity of the genre, as there’s a lot of different styles of it.

It branches into jazz as well; I call blues and jazz kissing cousins.”

(Interview with Melissa Walsh – Peninsula Essence 2018.)

Fast track to present day and Patrick Elliget’s name is not only synonymous with quality, high end blues events, but is respectfully appreciated by the MBAS, (Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society) event organisers and various prominent radio hosts nationally.

In 2017 Patrick received the Alan Stafford Service Award in recognition of his work in the Australian Blues Music scene from MBAS and more recently has joined with The Shaun Miller Foundation Australia that wish to partner with his newly created Mornington Peninsula Blues Festival

young Shaun Miller a YouTube sensation, New York Award winning author and the youngest

double heart transplant recipient in Australia, passed away from congenital heart disease

making headlines all over the world. The Foundation has been set up in his honour

by his father Cameron as a way of raising awareness and much-needed funding to research

the largely incurable Childhood Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

The Blues Music Family has always been a very caring one, a family that’s happy to help with these types of causes. Blues music was born out of the human conditions and struggles of the past

so I think this is a very deserving cause and a good fit in many ways.”

The success of the 2019 inaugural Mornington Peninsula Blues Festival is yet another admirable milestone to be added to his ever-growing achievements in the Australian Blues scene.

In years to come when prominent Australian and perhaps international acts grace the stage

at the subsequent Mornington Peninsula Blues Festival, it should be remembered that a local Sorrento lad, Patrick Elliget had the courage and vision to bring his love of the blues into reality

and create The Mornington Peninsula Blues Festival; an event that has the potential to be loved

and appreciated by legions of loyal Australian blues fans for many years to come.


By Terri Lee Fatouros

Music Journalist



Patrick Elliget


Mornington Peninsula Events Pty Ltd



The Shaun Miller Foundation Australia 

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