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Shaun's story is of a young man who experienced an incredible

and amazing journey with insurmountable joy, courage, hopes & dreams.

Budding Actor in 'Jack & Irish' with Guy Pearce ABC Television

'Neighbors' Actor on Channel 10 Television, Dancer and Comedian

inspirational Public Speaker, Sportsman, Cricketer and talented Footballer

motivator for Garth Wood Australian professional boxer and professional

N.S.W Rabbithos Rugby League player knock out victory against Anthony Mundine

on December 8th 2010 at the Sydney Super Dome.

Nominated for his amazing acheivments and winning the courage media

Pride of Australia Award as Inspirational Teenager July 2012

but could not receive the honor due to passing away

and therefore awarded to Melbourne footballer Jim Stynes.  

 Shaun's short but amazing life was filled with courage, joy, gratitude

and powerful spiritual wisdom far beyond his years

only the second Australian in August of 2008 to receive two

Heart Transplants a life filled with 3 times the power the love.

Shaun became a hero and beacon of hope to the Cardiac Kids

and their loved ones all around the world

and proudly embraced the important task of Cardiac Kid Ambassador

at the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne Australia

the only child in the hospitals history.

Working courageously on awareness and education for the important research 

required to find the baffling cure of CHD - Childhood Congenital Heart Disease

Continually on the internet, emails and telephone educating and helping

other kids and their Parents all around the world, Shaun would be there.

Whether it was someone who had just been diagnosed with CHD

someone who was waiting for a Transplant or just about to have

a Heart Transplantation Shaun shared his amazing wisdom

and powerful gifts of hope and courage to all.

   Childhood Congenital Heart Disease accounts for 40% of deaths

in Children under five years old around the world

 every week 42 babies are born with CHD and a whopping 80%

of all cases of CHD remain unsolved because Doctors have no idea

what causes this deadly disease.

Shaun had spent too much of his life in 7 West at the Cardiac Koala Ward

of R.C.H only to be diagnosed with CHD Heart Rejection

shortly after his seventeenth birthday.

In the face of all adversity and at the age of 13 he began his incredible

New York Award winning book that has changed the lives of people

all over the globe assisting every day in countless Teenage suicide prevention's.

Shaun's heroic courage, joy and wisdom challenge's us all to believe

that our own lives are significant, important and truly An Awesome Ride.

The Shaun Miller Foundation

was created in Shaun's legacy as a vessel on the seas of doubt and fear

for all who would boldly sail together with us to conquer CHD

and fulfill our quest to build awareness research and the vision of


 in remembrance for all who have lost their battle

and for those who fight the battle everyday.

We Are Here and We Care!

'Life Is An Awesome Ride'

cherish every moment

and live life to the fullest!


Shaun Miller

'My Final Goodbye'

Has reached over 10 Million people

all around the world for 

childhood congenital heart disease awareness

Google International

'Live Each Day To The Fullest'

Millions of people were moved and inspired by Shaun's final goodbye message

on You Tube and his amazing life story is becoming an international

Hollywood Movie creating history as a world first on

Childhood Congenital Heart Disease education & global awareness

Shaun's powerful story will leave footprints in all of your heart's.


Shauns Award Winning Story

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