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               Google 2012 Promotions

                         the year that was

  Shaun and Jobe Watson Essendon F.C on 'The AFL Footy Show'

'Neighbours' backstage interview -

Shaun was offered a major character role in the show

but C.H.D ended his acting career.

  Shaun speaking as a 'Heart Kid' Ambassador

Shaun's Final Goodbye . . .  A boy who touched the world 

Shaun was given one month to live by the doctors and wanted to let

all of his friends know so he recorded this very short and loving farewell

on his phone to place on his Facebook page . . . unfortunately it was his very first

and he couldn't load it up? he then realized he needed to load it onto YouTube 

but did not have an account? he created one and then created history 

with 10 million views world wide and countless youth suicide preventions . . .

SHAUNS  on Dr Phil Show USA - August 2018

  Shaun 10 News

  Shauns Farewell Concert - Luna Park Melbourne.

  Dani & Lizzi  -  Dancing In The Sky

  Dancing In The Sky  -  Official Film Clip

  Shaun Miller Tribute Song - B-Mike (Stay Strong )

 Back stage at Shaun's C.H.D Awareness Concert

  Shaun A.B.C News

'NEIGHBOURS' CH 10 Shaun 5 year casting offer

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