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Charles 'Bud' Tingwell  O.A.M

(3 January 1923 - 15 May 2009)

   Australian Film Television Actor

      Theater - Writer - War Veteran

The Shaun Miller Foundation

   partial film appearances  







Charles 'Bud' Tingwell was one of the greatest stars in Australian film history

and acted in his first motion picture in 1946 he went on to appear in more than 100 Films

and television programs in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

 Bud was born in the Sydney suburb of Coogee the son of William Harvey Tingwell and Enid

his Father encouraged him to be an accountant but Bud failed the entrance exam.

 While still at school he became a cadet at Sydney radio station 2CH

and became the youngest radio announcer in Australia.

 In 1941, aged 18 Bud's Radio career was cut short when he volunteered for war service

with the Royal Australian Air Force under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan personnel.

 Commonwealth air forces formed part of a joint training and assignment system

and consequently trained as a pilot in Canada during 1942.

Despite damaging a Harvard training aircraft in the August of that year

he later qualified as a pilot and was commissioned as a Pilot Officer

and posted that December to the Mediterranean for operational training

flying the famous Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire.

 He was then posted to active duty on a photo reconnaissance

unit No. 680 Squadron RAF and flew 75 missions

in Mosquitos and Spitfires during the North African Campaign

among the Allied invasion of Sicily.

Other aircraft that he was qualified to fly included

the Bristol Blenheim Martin Baltimore, Bristol Beaufighter

and Airspeed Oxford and was promoted to flying Officer in June of 1943

  and flight Lieutenant in December of 1944.

  Towards the end of the war Bud was transferred back to Australia

Operational Training Unit RAAF as a flying instructor

 then too No. 87 Squadron RAAF flying photo reconnaissance

Mosquitoe planes over the Dutch East Indies.

  On demobilization in 1946, he was awarded

  the 1939 - 45 Star, Italy Star and Defense Medals

 and remained a reservist in the Air Force into the 1950's.

and after the war married his childhood sweetheart Audrey 

  who died in 1996 and they had two children.

  He then joined Doris Fitton's Independent Theater group

 and in 1946 Bud was given his very first film role

  as a control tower officer in 'Smithy'

  and several roles over the next few years

  rising in prominence until he caught the attention

 of Hollywood in 1952 and was awarded the part of

  Lt Harry Carstairs in the all time film classic

'The Desert Rats' in which he appeared opposite

Chips Rafferty, James Mason and Richard Burton.

After the filming of 'The Desert Rats' he remained

in Australia for three years making three further films

which included 'King of the Coral Sea' 

featuring Chips Rafferty. 

  In 1954 he co-starred with Gordon Chater

  in 'Top of the Bill' the first of the famous live satirical

revues staged at Sydney's Phillip Street Theater in 1956.

  Bud moved to Britain the following year

  and began his first recurring Television role as

  Australian surgeon Alan Dawson in the live TV serial

  'Emergency – Ward 10' and it's film spin-off

  'Life in Emergency Ward 10' (1959). 

  In the late 1960's Bud performed various voice roles

  for the Gerry Anderson Supermarionation TV series

'Thunderbirds' and in TV series  

  'Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons'.  

 He then appeared in the first series of 'Catweazle'

 and was the recurring character of Motel Manager

 Kevin McArthur in 'Crossroads' in the late 1960's to early 70's.

In 1973 he returned to his beloved Australia

with his wife and children  

  and shortly after won the role of Inspector

  Reg Lawson in the long-running TV series

  and highly successful Crawford production 'Homicide'.

  This was followed by roles in a number of major

  Australian films such as 'Breaker Morant' (1980)

  'Puberty Blues' (1981)  

 'All the Rivers Run' (1983).  

 He played the recurring role of farmer Ted Campbell  

  in the soap 'A Country Practice' in the late 1980's  

   and as the Narrator from 'The Flying Scotsman In Australia' 

Bud took on the role of Gramps in 'Charlie the Wonderdog' 

  a recurring TV segment on The Late Show  

  and then played lawyer Lawrence Hammill  

 in the Australian classic film 'The Castle' (1997). 

  Bud later stated that this role helped him to recover

  from the death of his wife the previous year.

 After the success of 'The Castle' 

  Buds career underwent a revival during the late 1990's

   and early 2000's and take on roles in the commercial films 

 'The Craic' (1999) and 'The Dish' (2000) 

 the TV mini-series 'Changi' as well as the lead role

 in the romantic drama film 'Innocence' (2000).

 Bud continued with a recurring role in the soap opera

 'Neighbours' from 2000 to 2003 playing Henry O'Rourke

and had previously appeared in the soap in 1993

as Bert Willis and John Conroy in the musical theater

production of 'The Man from Snowy River' Arena Spectacular

which toured Australian capital cities twice during 2002.

Bud was personal friends with Shaun and Cameron

and a passionate for the Cardiac Kids and the Foundations creation.

'We Help Mend Broken Hearts'

  • Smithy (1946) .... Control Tower Officer

  • Bitter Springs (1950) .... John King

  • Kangaroo (1952) .... Matt

  • I Found Joe Barton (1952) .... Al Munch

  • The Desert Rats (1953) .... Lieutenant Harry Carstairs

  • King of the Coral Sea (1953) .... Peter Merriman

  • The Shiralee (1957) .... Jim Muldoon

  • Dunkirk (1958) .... Sergeant in Cookhouse

  • Life in Emergency Ward 10 (1959) .... Dr. Alan Dawson

  • Bobbikins (1959) .... Luke Parker

  • Cone of Silence (1960) .... Captain Braddock

  • Tarzan the Magnificent (1960) . . .Conway

  • Murder, She Said (1961) .... Inspector Craddock

  • Murder at the Gallop (1963) .... Inspector Craddock

  • Murder Most Foul (1964) .... Inspector Craddock

  • Murder Ahoy! (1964) .... Inspector Craddock

  • The Secret of Blood Island (1964) .... Major Dryden
    Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) .... Alan Kent

  • Thunderbirds Are Go (1966) .... Dr. Tony Grant (voice)

  • Nobody Runs Forever (1968) .... Jacko

  • Petersen (1974) .... Reverend Petersen

  • End Play (1975) .... Dr. Fairburn

  • Eliza Fraser (1976) .... Duncan Fraser

  • Summerfield (1977) .... Dr. Miller

  • Money Movers (1978) .... Jack Henderson

  • Breaker Morant (1980) .... Lt. Colonel Denny

  • Puberty Blues (1981) .... The Headmaster

  • Malcolm (1986) .... Tram Factory Boss

  • Windrider (1986) .... Stewart Simpson Senior

  • Bushfire Moon (1987)

  • Evil Angels (a.k.a. A Cry in the Dark) (1988)

  • The Flying Scotsman in Australia (1992) .... Narrator

  • The Castle (1997) .... Lawrence Hammill QC

  • Amy (1997) .... Country Doctor

  • The Craic (1999) .... Farmer

  • The Wog Boy (2000) .... Mr. Walker

  • Innocence (2000) .... Andreas Borg

  • The Dish (2000) .... Reverend Loftus

  • Irresistible (2006) .... Sam

  • Menzies and Churchill at War (2008)

  • Three Blind Mice (2008)

  • Emergency – Ward 10 (1957) .... Dr. Alan Dawson

  • The Avengers (1963).... Mike Venner

  • An Enemy of the State (1965) .... Harry Sutton

  • The Avengers (1967) .... Dr. Neville

  • A Man of our Times (1968) .... David Soames

  • Catweazle (1970) .... Mr. Bennet

  • UFO (1970) .... Beaver James

  • Homicide (1973–76) .... Inspector Reg Lawson

  • The Sullivans (1976) .... Dr. Hammond

  • All the Rivers Run (1983 mini-series) .... Uncle Charles

  • All the Rivers Run 2 (1989 mini-series) ... Uncle Charles

  • The Late Show (1993) .... Gramps in "Charlie the Wonder Dog"

  • Mother and Son (1994) .... The Judge

  • The Silver Brumby (1998) .... Benni

  • Neighbours (2000, 2003) .... Henry O'Rourke

  • Changi (2001) .... David Colins (in old age)


















   Partial Television Appearances   

The Castle

  Bud was appointed a member of the 'Order of Australia' in 1999
Queen's Birthday Honors inducted into the 'Logie Hall of Fame' in 1994 
inducted into 'Australian Film Walk of Fame' in 2008 
 in honor of his outstanding career and achievements in Film and Television
and awarded a Victorian State Funeral in 2009.  

     Charles 'Bud'  Tingwell ... my mentor, my colleague, my friend

you we're a legend of the silver screen and a legend in Shaun's life...

   you we're simply the best and you will never be forgotten. xCam

Charles  Bud'  Tingwell

Australian Film Icon
    3 - 1 - 1923      15 - 5 - 2009

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