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Shaun Miller Dr Phill Show U.S.A

               Google Commercial
                                           'What Brought Us Together'                                               starring shaun



Penguin Books

& Random House

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Launching An Awesome Ride - Through A Father's Eyes Penguin Books on Ch 9 The Daily Edition

'Neighbours' backstage interview
Shaun was offered a major character role in the show
but C.H.D ended his acting career.


  Shaun Miller 10 News

Shaun's Final Goodbye . . .  A boy who touched the world 
Shaun was given one month to live by doctors and wanted to let all of his friends know so he recorded this very short and loving farewell on his phone to place
on his Facebook page . . . unfortunately it was his very first
and he couldn't load it he then realized he needed to upload it onto YouTube first 
he created an account and then created history . . .
with 20 million views world wide and countless youth suicide prevention's.

  Shaun's Farewell Concert - Luna Park Melbourne.

  Shaun Miller Tribute Song - B-Mike (Stay Strong )

  Shaun A.B.C News

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