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CHD - Childhood Congenital Heart Disease accounts for 40% of deaths

in Children under five years and has effected over 100 million people worldwide

every week 40 babies are born with CHD and 80% of all cases of CHD

remain unsolved because Doctors have no idea what causes this deadly disease.

Shaun was one of those Children and his incredible story is filled with courage

gratitude, spiritual miracles, insight and gifts far beyond his years, the only Australian child

to receive two Heart Transplants, his life was filled with three times the power the love.

​He became a hero and beacon of hope to the Cardiac Kids when he embraced

Cardiac Kids Ambassador at R.C.H Royal Children's Melbourne

the only child in the hospitals 149 year history. 


Public speaking he was focused on awareness and funding

for the important research required to find the baffling cure to CHD

and his story became a media phenomenon appearing on television

radio and multi media all around the world.


Please support children’s health and parents well being

through our vision of our national Cardiac Care Homes

Accommodation - Respite Care - Grief Counseling - Awareness - Education 

Functions - Concerts and recreational Heart Angel Camps.


You can contribute to the health and well-being of the Australian Cardiac Kids

and their families by making a fully tax deductible donation.

The beneficiaries will not only be the children whose lives can potentially be saved

but the family and friends of the children who's lives can be enriched.

With the help of people just like you can we can grow and continue our all important work

in support of Australian Cardiac Kids to lead a healthy, loving and full life.

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'We Help Mend Broken Heart's'

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