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The Shaun Miller Foundation


Jason grew up in Torrance, California, he was the subscription manager

for the skateboard magazine 'Big Brother' and his association with that magazine

led him to become involved with the 'Jackass' television series in 2001.

In 2007 Wee Man starred in the reality TV series 'Armed and Famous' 

and in July 2007 Jason appeared as a host of MTV's 'Scarred Live'.

He appeared on the first season of NBC's 'Celebrity Circus' competition

and became the first contestant to receive a perfect score (a 10-point average)

Jason is a highly talented Skate Border and is sponsored by

Monster Energy Drink. VonZipper, Two Felons Skate Co.,

Toyo Tires & KMC Wheels, DVS & Independent.

He owns his own franchise of the Chronic Tacos Restaurant

in Redondo Beach, California.

Wee Man has starred in all of the world famous 'Jackass' films

and a direct-to-video holiday film 'Elf-Man' as the title character  

his first role in a family-friendly feature film.

Jason is passionate about childhood CHD awareness.

The Shaun Miller Foundation.


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