The Shaun Miller Foundation

-  Corporate Governance


  The Shaun Miller Foundation Pty Ltd is governed by a Board Of Directors  
who meet on regular basis ensuring the organization abides by set Rules and Constitution.
The Board of Directors also ensures the organization sustains service and maintains  accurate and clear accounts.
The Foundation maintains detailed policies and procedures to ensure all services are maintained at the highest
possible level this also ensures the protection of children and families.
The Shaun Miller Foundation staff are required to obtain a working with children checks and background checks
before commencement of employment within the Foundation  sign a confidentiality agreement and follow strict
guidelines provided by Safe Children Australia to ensure the protection and safely of children is the number one priority.    
The Shaun Miller Foundation has Independent audits and follow strict guidelines set out by the ATO
and Business and Consumer Affairs relating to charitable services.   

Cameron Miller



       FOUNDER - CEO       


Cameron is the Founder CEO and Board Member of The Shaun Miller Foundation

and began the journey in 2015 after watching his only child and beloved son Shaun

pass away in his arms from Childhood Congenital Heart Disease CHD in 2012.

Shaun was a double Heart Transplant recipient and became a hero to the Cardiac Kid's

when he embraced CHD Heart Ambassador of the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne Australia

the first cardiac child in the hospitals 149 year history.

His task was education and awareness for the important research required

to find the baffling cure and end the struggles that all the Children were facing

he worked tirelessly giving hope courage and strength to other kids

who had just been diagnosed with CHD waiting for a Transplant

or about to experience a life changing Heart Transplantation.

Why did Cameron launch the Foundation?

Simply to complete Shaun's legacy and the Foundations quest

for all the children who have lost their battle and fight the battle every day.

Cameron entered  stage performance at the age of 15   

and Auditioned at NIDA National Institute of dramatic art at the age of 19.

At 20 years old Cameron was working on the the fringes of the film industry  

as a bit part player actor when he realized Acting wasn't for him

but enjoyed learning the industry realizing that you can have a great film

but if it's not distributed properly who is going to watch it?

He studied and learnt from the best becoming great friends with screen icon 

Charles 'Bud' Tingwell O.A.M and legendary Film Distributor Alan Finney O.A.M. 

He was advised to commit with the intense course in film making

with LA producer and film teacher Dov Simens

who launched the careers of Quinton Tarantino, Chris Nolan,

Spike Lee, Guy Richie and many others.

Cameron, Shaun and Bud we're very close and film business associates

creating Bud's first script together and building Bud's confidence

to take on his first Production / Directing role in Australia.

 Mr Alan Finney O.A.M is one of the most successful and experienced

Australian film Distributor / Managing Director for Village Road Group

where he over saw production distribution and marketing

of films like Breaker Morant - Mad Max 1 2 3 - Romper Stomper - Bad Boy Bubby

 The Crack  - The Piano - Muriel's Wedding - Priscilla Queen of the Desert

and the marketing genius behind the hit film The Castle.

 He joined Buena Vista International (Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures)

as Managing Director / Vice President developing the campaigns for studio movies

such as the theatrical release of The Sixth Sense - Spiderman  

Pirates of the Caribbean 1 2 3 - Finding Nemo and many more screen blockbusters.

Today Alan is the Board Chairman of the AFI / AACTA Film Academy Awards

served on the Board of Australia Center for Moving Images

 Chairman of Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia

  Executive Board Director for the ground OZ FLIX Australia

and Board Chairman of The Shaun Miller Foundation.

Cameron ventured to Hollywood LA where he connecte and worked with

with some of the top acting agents APA, CAA to name a few

 and produced two Australian classic films 'Yesterday's Hero' and 'Groomless Bride'.

In 2006 he distributed 'Shot of Love' a film for the South Australian Film Corporation

a theatrical Independent Motion Picture release all around Australia

 and distributed the feature Film 'Hobby Farm' in Melbourne - Sydney - Perth.


 He produced 'Yesterdays Hero' in Los Angeles working with Actors

'Corey Feldman' (Lost Boys - Gremlins - The Goonies by 'Steven Spielberg')

the late 'Rowdy Roddy Piper' (W.F.C) World Champion

'Nikki Griffin' (Tokyo Drift  - The O.C T.V series)

 'Jason Acuna' (Wee Man from 'Jackass').

Cameron has been contracted by Penguin Books and Random House Distributors

for his own autobiography  'An Awesome Ride' - Through A Fathers Eyes

  which includes Shaun's New York Award winner available in good book stores .

He believes a critical ingredient of a great team is the people

from our Board of Directors - Staff - Sponsors and proud Partners

Dr Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute (Australian Of The Century)

The Shaun Miller Foundation is a professional and dedicated group

that strive to share Shaun's vision for all those who have

lost their battle and fighting the battle every day.

Join with us in our quest against Childhood Congenital Heart Disease

and our vision of The Shaun Miller Cardiac Care Homes

all around the world.

The Shaun Miller Foundation

'We Help Mend Broken Heart's'

Cameron speaking on the release of 'An Awesome Ride - Through A Father's Eyes'

Penguin Books Random House Australia.

An Awesome Ride - Through A Fathers Eyes

The Shaun Miller Foundation Melbourne Australia - ABN:  30646753019  ACN:  615710113 - Copyright 2017​