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    Restoring & Live Streaming

    Australia's Classic Motion Pictures


OzFlix works proudly alongside nonprofit entity The Australian Film Future Foundation

to make historic Aussie features easily accessible to the public.

The AFFF facilitates digitisation and restoration of feature films through a grants application program.

​The AFFF advocates for government, corporate and private support for the preservation of and public access

to our country's cinematic cultural assets. Funds raised allow producers and rights holders the ability to digitise

and restore their works as well as being given streaming opportunities on the OzFlix platform. 

SMF proudly supports Australia's finest home grown movie streaming platform.

OzFlix reason for existence is to celebrate the canon of Australian cinema

and in doing so, support the creation of more local stories

to this end, they will be sharing half of their revenue with Australian content partners

who include independent distributors and producers, so they may invest in the creation of more local cinema.

Support OzFlix so they can support our Aussie filmmakers.

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