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The Shaun Miller Foundation Ambassador

Sabre Norris

About Sabre


12 year old Sabre Norris lives in Newcastle

New South Wales, Australia.

Sabre first captured hearts around the world

when a YouTube video of her completing her first 540 trick

on the half pipe at 9 years old went viral (>1.3M YouTube views).


Sabre became the third female in history and the first

Australian female ever to land a 540. 


Sabre's talent, persistence and dedication to achieving her dreams

has been recognized by major news outlets around the world.

Sabre has been featured on MTV, Perez Hilton, Seventeen Magazine NY

Daily News, UK Daily and Huffington Post 

just to name a few.


In late 2016 Sabre was a hit as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show,

where Ellen captioned "Sabre is one of my favorite people

I met this year, and she’s about to be one of yours". 

The video of her interview was a smash that was shared around

the world gathering more than 45 Million Views. 

Sabre then returned in throughout 2017 as a recurring guest

on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


She starred as a correspondent for The Ellen Show

when she interviewed celebrities such as

Kevin Hart, John Cena and Demi Lovato on the red carpet

for the 2017 Nickelodeon KCAs. 


However it is in the water that Sabre truly excels, 

key surf industry professionals and personalities have lauded

Sabre as the next big thing.

In 2016 Sabre was one of the youngest ever chosen

as a Wildcard to compete in an WSL Event

when she competed in the Sydney International

at Cronulla Beach, Australia.

In the media around the event Sabre's raw take on life  

was a breath of fresh air in professional sport

and her comments that she made in the press conference

were National news on the major networks.


Sabre then found herself the next day on the number 1

morning show in Australia.


Her funny interview with the Today Show

went viral around the world with >3.5M Facebook views. 

 Her unique view on the world is tracked by more than

112K people who follow her on Instagram @sabrenorris


Her natural honesty and charisma in the media

also earned her a regular spot on Sydney radio morning show 

Fitzy and Wippa on Nova FM.  


Sabre and her siblings also feature in the TV Show

"The Crew - Generation 2", screened on Fox Sports. 


She has featured in a music video. "Higher" by Kid Mac.


Which was Sabre's psych up music when learning the 540.


Sabre rides for Darren Handley at DHD Surfboards 

shaper to 3 X Mens World Champion Mick Fanning

and 6 X Womens World Champion Stephanie Gilmore.


Sabre broke new ground with a 7 page feature editorial

in November issue of Surfing World 

penned by leading surf media personality, Sean Doherty

and photographed by Rod Owen.


Also, in a recent  interview (Surfing World, March 2015 issue) 

Stephanie Gilmore was quoted

"I just hope I'm not on tour when Sabre Norris

qualifies because she is incredible".

Sabre would love to represent her country now

that the IOC has approved skateboarding and surfing

to be in the 2020 Olympics, win X Games Gold and chase

a World Title on the WSL Womens World Surfing tour.

Sabre is passionate about finding the cure too

Childhood Congenital Heart Disease CHD

for the children of the world.


With Sabre Norris

'We Can Help Mend Broken Heart's Forever!



The Shaun Miller Foundation 

Sabre's Heart Cure Angels message

Sabre for Ellen on the Hollywood Red Carpet

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