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Has a proven track record for her work in Media, Image Creation,

Media Communications, Presentations, Public Relations,  

Business Plans,  Marketing, Government, Event Coordinator, Modeling and TV Production. 


Yvonne hosted ‘Let’sTalk’ on EyeWorldTV and is a freelance writer who has been inducted into the

“Who’s Who Black Book” acknowledging her “leadership and career successes”. 


Originally from South Australia, Yvonne was approached to join the Melbourne Major Events Company

(MMEC) in 1994 and it was in her senior role for MMEC that she created and developed the concept 

chairing the Steering Committee for the Melbourne Fashion Festival before taking over as CEO. 

   Yvonne Nicolas 

   The Shaun Miller Foundation  


Former international model, Yvonne Nicolas

by Maurice Rinaldi, 'Hollywood celebrity photographer to the Stars'.

Yvonne Nicolas

Yvonne was a prominent player in the tourism and hospitality industry and ran her own public relations

and marketing bureau. She initiated large-scale events to leverage employment, trade and business opportunities

for the tourism industry, with a particular focus on encouraging young people into the industry.

These initiatives were taken up first by the State Government of South Australia and later by other States,

it was her success with these events in South Australia that led to her being asked to work in Victoria

for MMEC, her profile in the commercial world attracted an offer for her to become a regular Opinion Columnist

with the Adelaide News and wrote thought-provoking articles on social, political and economic matters 

to pursue humanitarian causes.

Yvonne was often called upon by the media to comment on wide ranging issues, in 2000 she created

the industry project, Australia - At Your Service, (A-AYS) a training program designed to attract and equip individuals

to work in the hospitality industry during the critical labour shortage crisis period.

AAYS was set up with a view to pull in significant numbers to cater to the Olympic Games to help

ensure Australia’s future reputation as a leading tourism nation, the success of the project was assisted

by the weight of media support given to promote the program to the public.

Establishing her own consultancy business she worked with and continues to consult to Government

and organizations such as: Australian Technical Colleges, William Angliss Institute, Adult Multicultural Education,

Melbourne Docklands Authority, Victorian TAFE Association, Pinnacle Hospitality People / Sydney Olympics,

Douwe Egberts & The Coffee Academy; Aust Philharmonic Orchestra,

Ashish Institute for Inner Studies, Sofitel & Radisson Hotels, Australian Philharmonic Orchestra,

Kovess International, Department of State Development in Victoria, Department of Family & Community Services,

International Expo, Work Skill Australia, SA Law Society and SA Soccer Federation.

Yvonne has been involved in community organizations such as Lifeline and Youthline as a counselor

and with Community Improvement Through Youth, (CITY) as a volunteer youth worker and other similar organizations.


Has a network of individuals and organizations in the private and Government sector

to access a broad range of expertise and provides Consulting Services, Publicity, Media Promotions,

TV Production, Freelance Writer, Coach, Presenter and TV Host, Communications & Issues

Management, Marketing, Business Strategies & Government Relations, Event Creation

& Management, Product Launches, Displays, Exhibitions, Production & Writing, 

Newspaper Opinion Columns, Newsletters, Brochures and Copywriting / Proofing and Editing,   

People Management (using advanced teachings / techniques / motivational tools)

People Promotion –  Improve Your Personal Profile, Public Relations & Communications Media Training

and has a proven track record of providing clients with significant success.

 A Reading for Shaun Miller 2012 

 An angel you are, were and forever will be  

 sent to earth to ignite the flame within us all  

 to remember why we came. 

 Just as God sent his only beloved son to save the world. 

 He has come, he is gone and he will come again. 

 To all who knew Shaun for however long – or short  

 he spread his message of peace and love  

 to be loved, and to know love  

 to the fullest unconditionally, 

  just as he loved. 

 As young as Shaun was, to us who know him  

 he was ageless – a leader, a friend, a dear loved one 

 who will continue to spread his message of peace and love  

 in all that he did during his short stay  

 with everyone who passed his way   

 messages he leaves for us all  

 from here to Heaven, forever more. 

 With Love and all that Love means. 

 Much love from us all who truly love you Shaun. 

 From Yvonne 

 The Shaun Miller Foundation 









The book that was never

going to be written is here...

Yvonne Nicolas has finally released her memoir. Two books that were never going

be written… and when they were written, they were never going to be published.

Yet today – more than a decade later –

they are published.

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