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The Foundation has been 3 years in the making

 we are a dedicated team searching to cure

Childhood Congenital Heart Disease

giving hope courage and strength 

to Cardiac Kid's and their families

and educating the world on CHD awareness

 Shaun's vision was for a world without CHD

and he was a proud Ambassador for CHD research. 

at the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

we are partnered with the leading

Cardiologists and Researchers in Australia

and are working to provide national CHD Care Houses

Grief Support - Awareness - Research - Education

The Shaun Miller Foundation Australia

Level 1/196 Buckley St Essendon 3040


ABN: 30646753019

ACN: 615710113


Congratulations J.J Pantano

Shaun Miller Foundation - Ambassador

I was so happy to get this award on Sunday. My first award ever. People may think that being in showbiz is easy and while it’s fun you have to work really hard. There are times when you can’t play with your friends because you have to practice

and learn lines, or you have to skip your holidays because

you have to work. Mum always tells me I’m a very lucky boy

with the opportunities that have come my way as they don’t happen often and that I have to be grateful.

I do work hard and Mum & Dad always try

to make sure I have balance.

Thank you to @apstudioaustralia &

for giving me this award. I will treasure it forever. ⭐️⭐️

 Shaun Miller 


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The Shaun Miller Foundation

Harrison Craig



Winners of Channel 9 'The Voice'



Latest News 


'Jason Wee-Man Acuna' Jackass 

has become our first International

Heart Cure Angel Ambassador.


Welcome on board!!

all the kids are going to love meeting you 'Wee Man' from the legendary

'Jackass' movies fame! i'ts going to be

'An Awesome Ride'

Welcome back

Mr. Alan Finney O.A.M

Chairman of the Australian

Academy Awards for Film & T.V

to our Board of Directors

of The Shaun Miller Foundation.

Latest News:

Garth Wood Australian boxing champion

joins us as our proud Ambassador

he is passionate to find the cure

to (CHD) Congenital Heart Disease

for all the Children who lost their battle

and for the Children & Parents

who battle with it everyday.

Garth  Wood

Australian NRL Rabbitohs Rugby Player

Australian Boxing Legend

Shaun Miller Foundation Ambassador

    Shaun Miller


'We Help Mend Broken Heart's'

'My Final Goodbye'

Has reached over 10 Million people

all around the world for 

childhood congenital heart disease awareness


Yvonne Nicolas 

Shaun Miller Foundation Ambassador

 Suzanne Duncan

A Mother from Leeds

in the U.K has sent us this beautiful message.


We asked if the Foundation could kindly share it with you all

and she replied, 


"If it can help anyone in the world too, i'm happy"

  This is Vicky's powerful message to the world . . .

"What your doing everyday to help and keep Shaun's memory going is lovely

last year I was ready to kill myself after suffering years of depression

but when I saw your Shaun's farewell clip

he saved my life.


  He didn't have a choice but he made me realize that I do   

  and a 15 year old son to think about as well.  


I don't know you and didn't know Shaun

but you both are stars in my eye

if I ever visit down under,  if I ever win the lotto

I would make it my first visit to see you 

and give you the biggest hug ever for all that your doing.  


 Shaun would be so proud of you, for all you are doing Cameron."



Please help us to build our National

Shaun Miller Foundation Care Homes

for all the Children who have lost their battle

and for all the Children and Parents

who battle every day...

 C.H.D Childhood Congenital Heart Disease accounts for 30% of deaths in Children

under five all around the world every week 42 babies are born with CHD.

and a whopping 80% of all cases of CHD remain unsolved because

Doctors have no idea what causes this deadly disease.

 We Proudly Support            Dr. Victor Chang O.A.M - Cardiac Research Institute Australia