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Shaun's New York Award Winning biography together with his

Fathers journey

available August 6th

Penguin Books

random house

An Awesome Ride - Through A Fathers Eyes

SMF recommends

Suzanne Duncan

Behavioral Mindset Coach
Master Practitioner NLP
Time Line Therapy®
'All by Myself & Rocking It' the book.

“I just finished reading the book written by Suzanne Duncan, All by Myself & Rocking It!

As a single father to my son Shaun Miller—which you may all remember did a YouTube video called My Final Goodbye that was seen by over 6 million people and who passed away at 17 years old—I was really emotionally touched. What an inspiring story by a single mother about losing her husband to cancer at early age and taking the ropes as not only mother but also father to her children. What I learnt from reading this book are the primal screams that would have been etched in Suzanne's brain. “Why me!’ But she knew her children needed guidance through their young lives. I have to say that while at times the grief is paralyzing and tells personal facts of the human experience, this book is packed with wisdom within post- traumatic growth, which is the possibility that people can actually grow in unexpected ways of trauma. I fully recommend this book to any one dealing with grief of a love one. With a resounding message, the book strikes a deep cord within the reader that life is very short, and this is a powerful story of a mother grieving for her children or for parents who lost a love one—a book that takes you on a huge journey in life.”

—Cameron Miller
Founder, Shaun Miller Foundation

Ariel Teal Toombs Shaun Miller Foundation 'Ambassador'
& Colt Baird Toombs
have released their legendary Wrestling Fathers
Biography 'ROWDY'


Rowdy Roddy Piper

USA Wrestling Superstar

Roderick George Toombs (April 17, 1954 – July 31, 2015)

better known by his ring name "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

was a Canadian professional wrestler and Actor

In professional wrestling legend he was best known to international audiences

for his work with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE)

and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) between 1984 and 2000

although he was Canadian, because of his Scottish heritage

he was billed as coming from Glasgow and was known

for his signature kilt and bagpipe entrance music

he earned the nicknames "Rowdy" and "Hot Rod"

by displaying his trademark "Scottish" rage spontaneity, and amazing quick wit

according to The Daily Telegraph he is "considered to be the greatest 'heel' or villain

wrestler of all time one of wrestling's most recognizable stars ge headlined

numerous PPV events, including the WWF and WCW's respective premier annual events

WrestleMania and Starrcade and accumulated 34 championships 

hosted the popular WWF/E interview segment "Piper's Pit"

which facilitated numerous feuds and amazing humor

his biggest rival was the legend Hulk Hogan and their amazing

main event bout held at Madison Square Gardens was witnessed

by over 200 thousand screaming wrestling fans

their mid-1980s feud – also involving "Captain" Lou Albano

and singer Cyndi Lauper is considered the beginning of "Rock 'n' Wrestling"

in 2005 Rowdy was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Ric Flair

who dubbed him "the most gifted entertainer in the history of professional wrestling"

outside of wrestling he acted in dozens of Films and TV shows

most notably taking the lead role of John Nada in the 1988 cult classic 'They Live'

and a recurring role as a deranged professional wrestler called Da' Maniac

on the FX comedy series 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'.

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