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Jesse Teichelman

Shaun Miller Foundation



Jesse was born with a Congenital Heart Condition called Truncus Arteriosus and is now 22 years of age

during this time Jesse has had 4 open heart operations with his first being in Melbourne just days old

now, Jesse is healthy, fit and

-- Living Life To The Fullest --

He was born in WA but has now relocated

to Melbourne due to work and business

Jesse has a passion for spreading awareness

inspiring and supporting those who may be stuck

in life and always wears his heart on his sleeve

he is also an avid dancer being a part of

Australia’s Got Talent, Winning Gold!!

in the World Championships

of dance in 2015

and Telethons supporting various medical

and educational institutes around Australia.

'We Help Mend Broken Heart's'

The Shaun Miller Foundation
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